På tur til masta!

Felix og meg tok en tur til masta på toppen av Sulusåsen. Det var bratt opp dit gitt!

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Aleksander Loftian - 19.11.2019 11:25
Hi folks once again I should say it was a truly fabulous adventure for me personally when I looked around your site. I hope you don't mind if I compliment you on the level of quality of the work you've put in here and also to wish your team good luck with everything as you progress in the coming months. It was a hoot to read your site and I shall undoubtedly be stopping by once more to discover just how you're progressing. Thanks a lot and with a bit of luck I will doubtless see you here in the future - Aleksander Loftian
Ryne - 18.01.2019 10:30
At last some raloinatity in our little debate.